Seattle, Washington

Hi Everyone, I recently came back from a great trip from Washington. I mainly toured the colleges Seattle Pacific University, University of Washington, and University of Puget-Sound. I also went around Seattle and I really fell in love with the city. It had gorgeous architecture and I especially loved the rainy weather. I just included a few […]

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Happy Halloween

Hello, I recently went to Mickey’s Halloween Party with my friend Ellie. We went as characters from Lion King. I went as Shenzi, the hyena and Ellie went as Scar. It was so much fun. If you don’t know what the party is, it is a fun night where you can see a Halloween only […]

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Aji de Gallina

Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while. I recently just got situated at my grandparents house and finished school in Huntington Beach, CA. We just moved back from our two year long stay in Chile and are looking to find a place to live. Hopefully we can find a good place to […]

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My Career Paper

Hi Everyone! I recently wrote a very long paper about our plan for the future in my English class. It consisted of multiple parts such as a personal narrative, research, and an interview. I wrote mine on becoming a pastry chef, which is just one of the many passions I want to pursue. My main goal […]

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