Fashion Inspiration: Spring

I have always loved fashion. I think I first started enjoying it and seeing it as my future when I lived in Paris, France. Fashion is so big and a major cultural aspect of France. My mom has always encouraged me to dress for the occasion and has supported my love for fashion. Since it’s springtime, I decided to start a new category for a fashion aspect to my blog. Below are some fashion inspiration and trends found on Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

The Midi Skirt:

I absolutely love this look. As in my What I wore post I wore a midi skirt from Anthropologie. You can find it here. These skirts are so great to wear, and I just love the length of where they end. The one I have ends at about mid calf to the ankle. These are great skirts for Spring especially with all the florals, bright colors, and patterns.

The 2-Piece Match Outfit:

These are so popular especially for Spring. I have yet to own an outfit of this sort, but they are so great! I think it’s a great twist on just a dress or jumpsuit. Crop top pairing with pants or a skirt are such a great way to enjoy the Spring weather. Again, like the midi-skirt they have bright florals, colors, and patterns which I absolutely love!


These have always been a personal favorite of mine. I own Free People long overalls and Topshop short overalls. These are a Spring essential. The shirt underneath is where you can add color. You can get patterned overalls, which I love. There are also skirt overalls, which are great for Spring as well. You most commonly see overalls being worn with stripes or polka-dots.

Spring Shoes:

Flats, ankle boots, and sandals are great shoes for the spring. I love Birkenstock sandals because of their comfort and style aspect. Kate Spade is a brand that I automatically think of in Spring. flats are great for Spring especially with all the available colors. Ankle boots can be seen as a fall shoe, but I think they would work well with Spring outfits as well. I also love oxford shoes and think that they are great Spring wear.

Thanks for reading!

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