Amazon, Peru

October 2014

My school has a program called Week Without Walls where students in high school are able to choose a trip either in or out of Santiago for a week to learn new skills and engage with different cultures. It’s pretty amazing, I have enjoyed these experiences so much and feel so lucky to be able to do this while still in high school. Last year I went to a culinary school in Santiago, which was amazing, but this year I went to the Amazon in Peru. We were able to do so much like walk on canopy walkways (above the trees, we could see the tops of the Amazon), fish for piranhas, swim in the Amazon River, handle animals such as sloths, help out at a local school and library, play with the kids and visit a village nearby. After the airport the first day we spent the night in the biggest town near the river and the next day we took a long boat ride to really get in the Amazon. Below are some of the pictures I took and the photographer’s pictures we had with us of this amazing experience.

With Love, Sophie

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